Need Quality Maintenance Done?

Meet your Home Repair Professional

Marc LeConte, home repair professional and owner of High Quality Home Maintenance, grew up on a dairy farm in Platteville, Wisconsin. Marc’s Midwestern work ethic served him well during his years in the military, when he performed welding, firefighting and all aspects of shipboard maintenance. Following his military service, Marc performed water utilities maintenance, including water inspections, meter installations, and water main and fire hydrant repair. He has lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa since 1992.

Marc started High Quality Home Maintenance in 1998 due to the demand for his troubleshooting skills. He serves homeowners and businesses in Cedar Rapids – Iowa City from his mobile headquarters, a professionally equipped work truck. Marc is known for being up front with customers, and never pushy. With a good sense of humor, the right tools and extensive knowledge of troubleshooting, he makes home maintenance and repair easy.

Marc is a reliable and responsive home repair pro who does the work correctly. He has cleaned gutters, performed deck carpentry and worked on a bathroom rehab project at my home. He won’t upsell you something you don’t need. He’s knowledgeable about everything and he makes every job a pleasant experience.


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