Got leaks? Clogged gutters? Rotting wood steps or sills? Old, tired trim? Sidewalks to repair?

Don’t let little problems become big problems. And don’t let worrying keep you up at night. Take care of your home with affordable home repair and maintenance — contact HQHM.

High Quality Home Maintenance will figure out the problem and the right solution. For more than a decade, HQHM has provided the following services around Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa:

gutter cleaning service

Gutter Cleaning

Most homeowners don’t enjoy getting up on the roof or a ladder to clean their gutters. It’s dangerous and messy. With the right equipment and years of experience, HQHM cleans gutters efficiently and at no risk to you.

handyman services

Handyman Services

Owning a home can put your skills and wallet to the test. Not everyone knows how to put together furniture, assemble a shed, or install a mailbox. HQHM is skilled at all maintenance tasks. Find out how a home repair professional can help you!

home repair & maintenance services

Home Repair & Maintenance

From roof to basement, we’ll repair your home. Whatever the problem, we’re trusted home repair professionals who can fix anything.

roof repair services

Roof Repair

High Quality Home Maintenance specializes in roof leak repair on Cedar Rapids-Iowa City area properties. Marc will work to find the source of the leak before repairing any roof shingles, flashing, sheeting, drywall or rotted wood. Whether the cause of the leaking roof is from ice dams, age or storm damage, Marc can help! As soon as you discover your roof leaking, your best bet to prevent further damage to your home and get the damage repaired is to call HQHM.

skylight replacement services

Skylight Replacement & Repair

Skylights need to be inspected to keep debris out of drainage traps and to be sure that seals are in great condition. The last thing you want is your skylight to leak and ruin the ambiance and damage your home.