One of many leaks corrected on this house.

All right, this is Mark and Mitchell, High Quality Home Maintenance.

We’ve been tasked with keeping water out of this corner.

It’s getting in underneath the window and that corner, rotting out the rim joist and things like this.

So we’re preventing that now, we’re going to stop that.

So clearly we have much to do down here.

But right now, we can see we’ve had plenty of water coming in here, and there’s a step flashing.

I did throw a piece of step flashing off a second ago because I had to get it out of my way.

So now we’ve got this piece of flashing that we’ve created, it’s going to go underneath the shingle.

Are we hittin’ a nail? Hold on.


So, that’s how this is going to sit.

We’re going to caulk this little joint right here, and then we’re going to put a piece of kickout flashing right there, which is going to go into the gutter which we’ve already taken off.

Mitchell is going to caulk this joint right there, I’m going to caulk that, and this will be our backup to the – our kickout flashing.

Perfect. And I’m in a good position here if you want to put your end down.

Yep. And you go ahead and put a nail in.

It’s down and make sure you push, yeah.


Okay, and then I’m going to give this to you for a sec.

And I just want to caulk that seam.

Mainly just the corner that we’ve created by making that cut.

Let’s see right there.

It’s right that’s right where there’s no, uh, stud right there, which is right where I wanted it to go, so, perfect.

Sarcasm. Okay, so now we got our kickout flashing pre-made, assembled here.

And, I already stuck it in once.

You see some granules on my caulking, so I’m going to stick that back up in there and that’s going to catch the bottom of this?

Oh great, there we go.

Look, magic!

So I’m going to stick this in here, one-handed, no help, which is normal at High Quality Home Maintenance.

We’re almost…

Okay, we got her in, in position.

How did it magically get back there, though?

Okay, so that’s where we’re going to have this right here.

I’m going to nail this in, it’s behind their flashing.

We’re good to go.

Okay. Mark & Mitchell High Quality Home Maintenance.

Doesn’t happen every day. But.

We’re putting this – we don’t have any second chances when you make a cut into this. This is the same siding. That cut could not have come out any more perfect.

We are lined up I see our holes.

We’re good to go. Nail it!


High Quality Home Maintenance